Defy 20L Mirror Microwave Oven


  • 20L Capacity
  • 700W Power Output
  • Metallic Silver Finish
  • Mirror Glass Door
  • Preset Menu programs
  • Digital Display


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Estimated delivery by: 24/09/2023

  • Combining microwave and grilling technology in one incredible home appliance, the Defy 34L Grill Microwave has all you need in one compact device.
  • For healthier meal options, the powerful grill option will ensure complete cooking throughout, with a tasty, crisp finish to any meal. And, for even faster cooking results, opt for the combination grill and microwave that can cook anything from a basic side dish to a meatier option.
  • This particular device comes with 10 power levels, a speedy cook function, automatic programming options for cooking made simple, as well as a safety lock. For top kitchen appliances, you can always rely on Defy.



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