Electro Master Electric Oven & 2 Plate Stove EM-EO-1142HP


  • 1600 Watts
  • 35 Litre Capacity
  • Bell Ring
  • Wire Grill
  • Thermostat Control
  • Bake Tray
  • Hot Plate
  • Tray Handles

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Estimated delivery by: 02/06/2024


  • Ovens and plates can work together or independently.
  • Cavity Size: T32.
  • 60mins with a bell ring.
  • 4pc stainless steel heating elements, 1600W.
  • Thermostat with 0-250deg range adjustable.
  • Multi-stage switch for upper/lower/upper + lower heatings.
  • Independent power indicator.
  • Comes with a baking tray, cooling rack, and tray handle.



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