Rich Colour Paints 2K Clear Coat 5L


  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Apply with Brush or Spray
  • Interior and Exterior Use
  • Quality Guaranteed

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  • Gloss Enamel is an alkyd-based paint
  • That is used for interior walls, metals, and wood.
  • it gives an excellent high gloss finish
  • This product has excellent adhesion



  • Suitable on wood, metals, and masonry walls



  • It is recommended to use appropriate Personal Protective equipment when using this product



  • New Surfaces; Surface/s must be thoroughly clean, dry and in sound condition before commencing work.
  • Remove all rust with a wire brush or sandpaper
  • Before applying one coat of Suitable Primer or undercoat, followed by two coats of Gloss Enamel.
  • Stir the contents thoroughly before use.
  • For Spray application: thin down up to 20% with turps, and white spirits.
  • Apply this product with a paintbrush or conventional spray and allow overnight to dry before applying the final coat/s of paint.
  • For dipping purposes, apply this product at 14-18 Sec/F4@25 Degrees.
  • Spray applications: thin down as described above for use with standard high-pressure spray guns- air pressure 3-5 bar.
  • For any other/spray methods of application refer to the manufactures specifications or contact our technical department.
  • Clean tools (brushes, rollers & spraying equipment) with Lacquer thinners immediately after use.



  • Rich Colour Paints QD has been scientifically developed to offer a high-quality range that will provide a long-lasting luxurious finish.
  • This product is quality guaranteed to last under normal conditions, provided that the “Instructions for Use” have been correctly followed by the customer.



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