Safeway Steam Iron 1600W


  • Safeway Steam Iron 1600W Steam Iron has a non-stick stainless steel sole plate that provides gentle but effective ironing to fabrics.
  • It comes with a thermostat control and variable steam control. Makes light work of the ironing. Complete with a 3-prong plug.
  • Includes steam settings to control heat and a spray nozzle.

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  • For over 30 years, Safeway has been providing homes with an extensive range of quality electrical appliances.
  • Trusted by our customers, Safeway products are designed to be reliable and offer exceptional value.
  • Variable steam/spray.



  1. Spray nozzle.
  2. Water filling cover.
  3. Steam knob.
  4. Steam button.
  5. Spray button.
  6. Bend protector.
  7. Indicator light.
  8. Water tank.
  9. Thermostat dial.
  10. Soleplate.


Safeway Steam Iron 1600W

Safeway Steam Iron 1600W




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