Shumba Maheu


Shumba Maheu is a fermented, maize based traditional non-alcoholic beverage.

The brand has 3 major categories which are malt, milk and ordinary maheu.

Ordinary Shumba Maheu has a sweet, sour, cooked maize meal taste with different added flavours.

The milky variants have a milky flavour while the malt Maheu has the natural flavour of sorghum maltear golden liquid.

  • Ordinary Shumba Maheu flavours: Traditional and Banana
  • Malt Shumba Maheu flavours: Sorghum malt and Traditional Extra Malt.
  • Milk Shumba Maheu flavours: Chocolate milk.
  • Maheu has 14.7% carbohydrate content.

Shumba Maheu


Shumba Maheu


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